FINDING BALANCE – Between Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, & Physical Health (“We Care!” Project) Switzerland

Reactions of the participants during Rafael Guignard’s presentation










IAYSP-Switzerland organized an online meeting with the topic « Finding balance – between spiritual, mental, emotional & physical health » with the help of 2 life coaches, Rafael Guignard and Deborah Cali.

With concrete exercises and meaningful questions, Rafael used his experience as a certified Life and Performance coach to help us find more balance in our life. Deborah Cali, as a mindset coach and mindfulness facilitator, focused more on the topic of stress and anxiety. In particular, she shared some tips on how to manage them.
More than 60 people from all over the world could assist this day and listen to the talks given by Rafael and Deborah.
In the end, both speakers responded to the questions asked by the audience.

Through this activity, the participants received motivation to find a better balance and some new tools to create good habits in their daily life.

Anonymous Feedbacks

“Grateful to have been invited to this event! Really could gain a lot through the content and have a lot to put into practice now!”

“I had already heard about most of the points presented today, and had as well practiced mindfulness in the past, but had stopped to do so the past few years. Participating in today’s event made me want to “take my life in my hands” again and start again doing such exercises and practices on a daily basis.”

“That was an educative webinar to our daily lives to find balance. I had started like 3 years ago practices and doing them without a Coach. I guess if I choose to be mentored by both young people I will find my other rest 20%. I am really empowered and going out for a jogging my every night mindset habit for about 1-2 hrs. Thank you to both speakers from me!”