Express Emotions through Creativity (Hungary)

On the 3rd of October, YSP-Hungary in Budapest held its very first YSP event, which became a painting experience that probably no one will forget. They asked a friend, Anna, to help them with the content of the day, who led a powerful meditation and two painting sessions.
In the end, sitting in a circle, everyone shared what the paintings meant to them.

There were 17 young people and students – a great mixture of characters and backgrounds. YSP-Hungary was very grateful for all those participating and for the Peace Embassy in Budapest that provided the space for the event. The organizer did not expect that people would share so deeply and honestly or that this activity would create such a lovely atmosphere where people could freely interact with each other. Now they are looking forward to their second event, a World Café, hoping to make it a second unforgettable YSP event in Hungary.