“We Care” project (Switzerland)

The “We Care!” peace project was put into place at the Peace Designer Education in February 2019 and has now developed significantly after a year and a half!

The project started with activities such as surveys on the street and “Big Questions!” activities, with the idea to show care to one another and to allow people to share about what matters most to them in life.
Nonetheless, in 2020, the project has evolved in a different direction: we have realized how much young people in our environment suffer from mental health issues. They often do not notice what condition they are in mentally, do not know how to overcome it nor where to seek help.

We have therefore organized an event on this critical topic that took place on October 24th, 2020.
IAYSP-Switzerland had the chance to receive two exceptional experts on the topic:
-Monique Bolognini, a representative from the organization Die Dargebotenen Hand/La Main Tendue (Helpline 143), as well as Marina Chételat, a psychologist working currently in a psychotherapy clinic.

Due to the measures related to Covid-19 (taken by our Federal Council), the event was limited to 15 people in the room. Nevertheless, 27 other participants, mainly young people, joined us online through Zoom. The event started with enriching presentations on mental health, followed by a Q&A session and a discussion time in small groups that were focusing on several deep questions on the topic.

The principal purpose of this event was to understand more about common mental issues such as depression and anxiety crises and to learn more about how to achieve a healthy state, as well as help those in need. Furthermore, our goal was to break the existing taboo on the topic to create a space where young people, especially, can feel free to share their mental struggles. This event was also an opportunity for the participants to show to one another that they care about others’ mental condition.

The event on Mental Health was a success, and we will do our best to develop it further in different domains such as spiritual health and to show great results by expressing care to each other and breaking the taboos on this topic.

«Thanks a lot to have invited me, it was very interesting. I’ve learnt a lot of stuff and how it is important to talk about [mental health], so let’s stop the taboo about it! Eventhough there aren’t people around me who got mental issues, it is very interesting to know it exists and what to do! Big thanks again! »

Testimony from one of the participants translated from French to English
Discussion Time